What is "Build on Your Lot" Construction?

The concept is a simple one. Use a lot you already own or pick the exact acreage, land, or property you want to live on. Select a plan from our home designs and get a great home built right where you want to live!

Will I need to purchase home plans?

There are several major advantages to building your new home with BW Artisan. One important difference is home plans. Many other builders require that you purchase home plans before they will even begin to work with you. But any of BW Artisan’s new home designs can be customized to your needs with no plan cost. We never charge a design fee to change any of our plans. You can use the money you save to get just the home you always wanted.

Does BW Artisan provide written estimates?

Lots of other builders use your purchased plans (see the question above) to develop a rough estimate of costs for your new home. The process can take weeks… but with this system, we can provide a price for any BW Artisan plan along with any available changes, options, and upgrades you select.

How much of a deposit is required when I sign a contract to build a BW Artisan home?

A minimal deposit of $15,000 is normally all that is required to begin the home of your dreams.

Can I personalize my BW Artisan built home?

Yes, you can. First, you select a plan to meet your family’s needs. Next, choose the exterior look that appeals to you most. You can personalize your plan to suit your needs. Not only do you have the opportunity to select brick, paint, floor coverings, roof color, and appliances, but you can also move walls, add closet space, add square footage, and add just about anything else to make your home uniquely your own. In addition, we offer upgrades and options so that you can further personalize your home to suit your tastes. You get the home you’ve always wanted and avoid costly custom prices.

Can I count land equity towards my mortgage down payment?

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